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How To Get iPhones For Cheap (Why They Aren’t Where You Think They Are)

The iPhone is the hottest piece of digital eye

candy you can own. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of phones, allowing you to do just about anything from your pocket. Wanna compare prices while you’re out shopping? There’s an app for that. How about identifying the song playing in the room? There’s an app for that too. The iPhone started it all, and now there are several easy ways to get iPhones for cheap.

Get The 3G Model On Ebay Or From AT&T

You don’t have to break your bank to own a brand new iPhone. You just need to be a little more flexible. If you’re okay with owning the previous model, you can save yourself a boatload of cash. Granted, you don’t get all of the latest features, but you still get all of the magic that’s made the iPhone such a popular personal device.
If you are already on an AT&T contract, you might want to consider purchasing a used iPhone 3GS on Ebay. They typically cost between $300 to $400 at the Buy It Now price. You can probably save even more money by being an auction hawk and bidding on the items themselves. This is also a great way to get unlocked iPhones 3g cheap.
If you don’t have a contract yet, you might want to consider getting a refurbished iPhone 3Gs from AT&T. They sell a ton of them for super cheap prices as long as you get a contract. We’ve seen iPhone 3GS models for as low as $19 (with a contract), but the average seems to be around $47 (also with a contract). That’s a pretty amazing deal.
Do A Quick Local Search
There are always strings attached when you’re purchasing iPhones from retailers. AT&T is offering some great deals, but realize that you’re mostly purchasing a contract from them. When you find people who have just upgraded to the latest and greatest iPhone 4, you can usually get their old iPhone 3g for cheap.
Start off by posting a query on your Facebook page saying, “I’m looking for a used iPhone 3GS. I’ll pay a $30 finder’s fee to the person who can get me one for cheap.” You want to provide some kind of incentive to get people to think about it. If you can save $100 purchasing an old iPhone from a friend, the $30 is a pretty minor expense. If you find a friend with an iPhone directly, you don’t even have to pay the finder’s fee.
When Facebook doesn’t work, try looking on your local Craigslist. We usually found used iPhones for about $100 less than the eBay price. That’s because most eBay retailers need to operate within some kind of profit margin. But your friend isn’t trying to profit. He or she just wants to get rid of that old iPhone.
We don’t just use this tactic with the iPhone. Whenever a new technology comes out, we’ve found our own of friends to be an awesome source of cheap tech. That’s how we’ve gotten the blackberry cheap, laptops for next to nothing, and almost anything you can think of.
As a final word of advice, avoid any offers that sound too good to be true. You won’t get an iPhone 3Gs for $15. It’s just not going to happen. Trust your gut, and that iPhone will be yours.